Meet PowerFingo

Uncompromisingly Immersive Technology for ARVR

Meet PowerFingo

PowerFingo is uSens’ most comprehensive solution, including 26DOF skeletal hand tracking, 6DOF position tracking, and video see-through augmented reality. With its own battery and processor, Power Fingo can turbo-charge ARVR applications even if the user’s phone isn’t the latest and greatest. Like its Fingo and Color Fingo counterparts, Power Fingo is designed to easily attach in front of the user’s HMD, including Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear. Such power and functionality may just be the spark needed to make ARVR main stream worldwide.


Here at uSens we believe that Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are one in the same. This concept we call SupReality. It is the merging of both VR and AR into one world. To create great experiences and experiences that excite! PowerFingo is the representation of such believe with software and hardware working in sync to give users the best experience possible!

Compatible with mobile phone


Free hand 3D interaction@>60fps, sub-mm accuracy

Head orientation + position tracking with > 5 meters movement range

Immersive@>90 degrees viewing angle


SDK supports Unity3D, Java, C++





ARVR with no compromises

PowerFingo delivers the best of both worlds using the most natural of all human interactions: Your hands!








Leading the Industry

With domain expertise in 3D HCI technology, computer vision, and artificial intelligence, uSens is leading the industry to achieve Super Reality, a truly immersive and natural ARVR experience.