Meet Fingo

The most revolutionary hand tracking technology for ARVR

First mobile ARVR hand tracking technology!


First mobile ARVR hand tracking that reads 26 degrees of freedom, one of the first to provide head position tracking for mobile ARVR using RGB/SLAM as well as using IR with markers/objects/markerless.

Compatible with mobile phone


Free hand 3D interaction@>60fps, sub-mm accuracy

Head orientation + position tracking with > 5 meters movement range

Immersive@>90 degrees viewing angle


SDK supports Unity3D, Java, C++


26DOF Hand Tracking

Core vision module with computer vision algorithm senses hand actions and gestures in 3D. The algorithm is highly optimized to perform well on mobile platforms, enabling gesture control on mobile VR devices. It’s much more convenient than traditional inputs, as the users are able to interact with VR content in a natural manner, easily control the interface, take phone calls, etc, without needing to take off the headset.

Natural inside-out mobile

3D hand tracking for ARVR

6DOF Head Position Tracking

Impression Pi uses unique technologies designed to track the user’s head position inside-out. By observing the relative position, Impression Pi quickly calculates your actual movements with a high degree of precision.


Communication between humans and computers could benefit a lot from the introduction of more natural forms of non-intrusive communication between them. We, as humans, frequently use gestures on our daily routines, so the idea of employing natural hand gestures to control the way our computer work seems very attractive. With our technology we propose a novel human computer interface based on hand gesture recognition using computer vision. The proposed method will not only be interested on replacing the mouse by using our hand as another pointing device, but also to add a more complex gesture vocabulary, allowing several frequent actions to be understood by the computer (using hand gestures like dragging, closing a window or simulating a simple mouse click with the hand).

Perceptual User Interfaces (PUI).

That is the ground of Perceptual User Interfaces (PUI), which are concerned with extending human computer interaction to use all modalities of human perception. One of the most promising approaches for the early development of PUI is the use of vision-based interfaces, which perform on-line hand gesture recognition. The advantages of hands are their high precision and speed.


Amazing Experiences

Developing VR with our Fingo SDK is easy! Just watch some of the interactions you can do!

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Intuitive VR built around you

Escape into lifelike realms of ultra-immersive virtual reality experiences with Fingo ™ VR Ready Premium Solution. Delivering immense visual power and unmatched technological innovation, Fingo’s VR Ready solution set the bar for enabling premium experiences on high-end VR games, entertainment, and applications..

The Technology

Developing VR with our Fingo SDK is easy! Just watch some of the interactions you can do!


Low Latency

Our technology is fast and has very low latency make your experiences better!

Fingo represents a huge increase in the general capabilities of our tracking technology, including how we handle parts of the hand hidden from the sensor’s line of sight. Its unprecedented sensitivity allows Fingo to maintain reliable tracking even at extreme angles and high occlusion. The real world presents many tracking challenges, including walls, chairs, tables, etc. Fingo features radical improvements in how we handle clutteded backgrounds and ambient light – so you can bring your hand close to, and even in contact with other surfaces.

Reaching out in virtual reality just feels naturally organic. With Fingo’s wide range, you can stretch out your arms and our tracking will keep up.

With improved tracking, we can now recreate physical interactions with digital objects in VR. Our technology acts as a midway between the hand tracking, the physics, and the game engine.

Fingo starts tracking faster, and keeps tracking farther, with the lowest latency on any device, and in situations where no previous software could keep up.

Fingo recognizes your hands immediately and will do so for the entirety of your ARVR session.