uSens Developer Challenge

We’re giving out $100,000 in cash prizes for developers to build ARVR apps incorporating our latest Fingo SDK.

Announcing Semifinal Project

  1. Multi-player “escape the room” game supporting different Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs)
  2. A VR avatar that can pick up and try on every item in a virtual shop
  3. A VR experience for New Zealand’s national museum
  4. A modified version of a game where a castle is defended with magic spells
  5. First-person patient experience labs for healthcare training scenarios
  6. A competitive game for training dogs
  7. Hand-and-gesture-based communication such as sign language and finger-tapping
  8. A game designed around single touch/button or a single swipe
  9. Mobile multi-user natural HCI in holographic telepresence applications
  10. A VR game/educational tool to demonstrate various surgical procedures

Why should you apply?


  • Why not? Invest 15 minutes to help us get to know you better and you could potentially be in the running for a $50,000 grand prize.
  • Get a head start using the latest HCI tech for your ARVR apps
  • Show off your submission to industry leaders at conferences throughout the United States and China


What kinds of apps/platforms are eligible?


  • Original apps made for Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard, HTC Vive, or Oculus
  • Vertical doesn’t matter – games, educational, industrial, are all good – just needs to be compatible with our SDK.
  • Be sure to check our official contest rules and our SDK documentation


How will my submission be evaluated?


  • Application of the Fingo SDK (40%)
  • Creativity (20%)
  • User Experience (20%)
  • Business Potential (10%)
  • Polish (10%)


Here’s the process in a nutshell:


  1. Submit your application here by 10/20/2016
  2. We will review applications and announce the semifinalists at Unity Unite Los Angeles during 11/01/2016-11/03/2016
  3. Submit your app projects using the uSens SDK and entry-level uSens Fingo module by 01/27/2017. Our panel of judges will review your submissions and select winners
  4. We will announce the winners at GDC 2017 during 02/27/2017-03/03/2017




  • Grand Prize: $50,000
  • Second Prize: $25,000
  • Third Prize: $10,000


Example Ideas


  • Play chess, throw darts, or touch the stars using 26 DOF hand tracking
  • Use the easiest to install marker-based position tracking system ever to explore an emperor’s tomb
  • Upgrade your mobile VR apps and ditch the head nods and side buttons


Free hand Interaction