What we do

Founded in 2013, Silicon Valley-based uSens Inc. creates 3D Human-Computer Interaction solution for augmented and virtual reality. As a domain expert in 3D graphics, Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence, uSens is one of the first companies to provide inside-out 3D hand tracking as well as 6DOF head position tracking for both mobile and tethered AR/VR systems, allowing end users to immerse themselves in what uSens calls “Super Reality,” the most naturally interactive digital experience.



CEO & Co-founder

Anli (Lillian) He

Anli has extensive technical and business experience in both software and hardware fields, as a senior design and sales engineer at Schlumberger Technologies, AT&T, and Intel Corp. She holds BE degree in Computer Engineering from Wuhan University, MS of Computer Science from Syracuse University and MBA from Duke University.


CTO & Co-founder

Dr. Yue Fei

Dr. Yue Fei has 12 years’ experience as a lead scientist in Human-Computer interaction, Computer Vision, and Virtual Reality. He has contributed in multiple important products at Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic and Amazon. Dr. Fei’s works have been exhibited on CES, CEATEC, SIGGRAGH, APEX and won top design awards. He holds BS degree in Physics from Fudan University, MS and Ph.D in Space Physics from Rice University.


COO & Co-founder

Dr. Chris (Chi) Shi

Dr. Shi is a physicist and an entrepreneur. He started his first company when he was pursuing Ph.D. He worked as a senior software engineer/architect at Old Mutual Asset Management and Deutsche Borse/ISE. He holds BS of Physics degree from Fudan University, Ph.D in Physics from the University of Miami.


VP of Business Development

Andy Zhang

Andy was a co-founder of Transmension Technology, Inc. a cross-platform gaming company . He has also worked for Palm, Inc. and Hewlett-Packard as an engineering manager. In addition to his MBA from the University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business, Andy holds an M.S. in Computer Science and earned B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


VP of Product Development

Dr. Yiwen Rong

Dr. Rong was the engineering program manager of iPhone 5S/6 at Apple Inc. and Fire-tablet/Fire Phone at Amazon Lab 126. He also contributed to the smart LED bulbs as the technology project leader at Philips Lumileds. He holds B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.


VP of Technology Development

Dr. Gengyu Ma

Dr. Ma is an expert in 3D Display, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and Virtual Reality. He was the Principle R&D Scientist at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology China. He holds Ph.D, M.S., and B.S. degrees in Computer Science at Tsinghua University. At Tsinghua, he focused on HCI, Artificial Intelligence, and Media Integration Lab.





Take two minutes to get to know what we do. This introductory video presents our core technologies including 3D hand tracking, 6DOF head position tracking, and AR+VR integration.

3D Free-hand Drawing

3D Free-hand Drawing

uSens’ live tech demo as the opening of TechCrunch on Nov 2. No special effects added. The technologies in this demo include 3D hand tracking, 6DOF head position tracking, and AR+VR integration.


Super Reality

uSens’ Super Reality project, named as the Top 10 Finalists in SIGGRAPH 2015’s Immersive Realities Contest. Take the Terracotta warrior back in an ancient Chinese cave and grab his sword, then time-travel back!

Super Reality


Skeletal Tracking

uSens’ Low-latency and high quality camera-based 3D hand tracking can track 22 points of the hand and finger movements

Skeletal Tracking